Information about Pippi Longstocking Horse And Monkey Names

Pippi Longstocking is a fictional nine-year-old girl. At the start of the titular novel, she moves into Villa Villekulla, her house that she shares with her monkey named Mr. Nilsson and her horse, and quickly befriends the two children living next door, Tommy and Annika Settergren. With her suitcase of gold coins, she maintains an independent lifestyle without her parents: her mother died soon after her birth, and her father, Captain Ephraim Longstocking, is first missing at sea, and then, king of a South Sea island. Despite periodic attempts by village authorities to make her conform to cultural expectations of what a child's life should be, such as unsuccessfully sending her to school, Pippi happily lives free from social conventions. According to Eva-Maria Metcalf, Pippi "loves her freckles and her tattered clothes and makes not the slightest attempt to suppress her wild imagination or to adopt good manners. " She has a penchant for storytelling, which often takes the form of tall tales.