Information about Shakalaka Boom Boom Serial Sanju Real Name

Shakalaka Boom Boom follows the tale of a jealous, selfish and greedy music artist, AJ (Bobby Deol). AJ is one of the finest music artists in the industry and is currently under a stop since he can't think of a new project. AJ is in love with the hot and sexy Ruhi (Kangana Ranaut) and hopes to tell her how he feels. However, a wannabe singer, Reggie (Upen Patel) appears who falls in love with Ruhi and woos her before AJ can. Therefore, AJ swears to destroy Reggie's career and hence comes into Reggie's life as his friend. Getting him drunk, getting him smoking, is all that AJ has been doing to Reggie, and Reggie even loses control and passes out. One day, AJ finds out all Reggie's secrets and gets him so drunk that he has liver-fail. While Reggie was in the state of dying, AJ takes all his music-notes and beats and flees from the place. Then Ruhi shows up and takes him to the hospital. He is placed into the operation section due to liver failure, and then Ruhi plans to destroy AJ's career just like he did to Reggie.