Information about Tere Naam

Radhe falls in love with Nirjara Bhardwaj (Bhumika Chawla), a student at his former college and the daughter of a poor temple priest. Radhe helps her a few times, and she seems to like him. One day, Radhe proposes to her, and jokingly remarks that he would beat up her father if he doesn't agree to their marriage. Nirjara is too shocked to say much, and utters "Yes" when Radhe asks her if she was listening to him. Radhe interprets this as her acceptance of the proposal. Later, he and his friends intimidate Nirjara's fiancé Rameshwar (Ravi Kishan). Next day, Radhe brings her a gift, but she tells him that she does not love him, and calls him a goon. A heartbroken Radhe subsequently tries to talk to her, but she refuses to engage in a conversation.