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Power Rangers Turbo is an American television series and the fifth season of the Power Rangers franchise. The show was prefaced with the franchise's second film, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. As with its predecessors, Power Rangers Turbo is a based on one of the entries of the Super Sentai series; in Turbo's case, the source of the series is Gekisou Sentai Carranger. The series introduced a child actor as the new Blue Ranger, and featured the departure of the long-running characters Zordon and Alpha 5, as well the veteran team of Rangers and introduced four new characters to take the place of the veteran Rangers. This was Jason David Frank's last appearance in the Power Rangers franchise until he appeared in the 10th anniversary special "Forever Red" on Power Rangers Wild Force. He later starred in Power Rangers Dino Thunder, which premiered seven years later. It also marked the final appearances of Catherine Sutherland and Steve Cardenas until the 25th anniversary special "Dimensions in Danger" during Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.