Information about White Hair Girl Art

The first White Hair, Paw-Hiu-Skah, Pahuska, or Pawhuska, was born about 1763 and died about 1809. The town of Pawhuska, Oklahoma is named for him. He was the chief of the Thorny-Valley people, a division of the Osage people. In 1791, Pawhuska is reputed to have fought against American troops in Ohio under Arthur St. Clair. During the battle, the worst defeat ever suffered by U. S. forces against Indians, Pawhuska attempted to scalp a fallen officer but the man's powdered wig came off in Pawhuska's hand. In the ensuing confusion, the officer escaped. The chief was impressed by how the wig protected its original wearer, so he kept it for the rest of his life and became known as White Hair.