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In 2014, the company changed its logo to reflect "passion for game development and game experience. " In February 2014, former PopCap studio director Todd English joined GameDuell as head of studio for social and mobile games, and Ian J. Bowden, co-founder of Rockstar Leeds, became art director at GameDuell in August 2014. While at Rockstar, Bowden worked on the Grand Theft Auto game series, L. A. Noire, Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3. GameDuell released the French card game Belote. com in 2014 with cross-platform functionality. Later that same year, GameDuell launched the Belote. com world tournaments ("Coupe Du Monde"). In June 2015, Howard Phillips became GameDuell's head of game design and user experience. Phillips previously worked for Nintendo, THQ, Microsoft, and was studio director at Chair Entertainment.