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Interesting about Planetarium Hamburg

With the start of reconstruction from 3 August 2015, the Planetarium is closed until the end of 2016. The core of the work is the development of the entrance from the outside pedestal on which the water tower stands. From 2017 the new premises and service facilities will provide all visitors of the Hamburg Planetarium improved access, more space, more comfort and advanced conference facilities. In the on city park level emerging areas in the base and the extended, previous lobby level on the first floor will be the new place for gastronomy, Shop, events, exhibitions, offices and toilets provided. Access to the planetarium will take place in the future at ground level from the City Park. Two elevators will in future facilitate access to the Star Hall and the popular observation deck, which also will be barrier-free for the first time then. The expansion will bring the added value of an area of approximately 1,200 square meters floor space with them.